Blood in stool causes

Blood in stool can be triggered by many conditions in the body. Humans are prone to erroneous eating habits, which incidentally is one of the major if not the main cause of most disease like condition that causes blood in feces. Example: constipation. Constipation is among blood in stool causes. It is triggered by taking in little or no water at all, eating fatty food, dry foods etc. The process of forcing hard feces causes tear in the anus which result to blood in the feces, and it is indicated during clean up with tissue paper, or when seen on the stool. This is just an example of a minor condition triggering blood in stool conditions, other major ones like colon cancer is very upsetting, so your are justified if you freak out after detecting blood in your stool, but should you keep to proper dietary recommendations that will be supplied in this article and by your doctors, you won’t freak out after detecting blood in your stool.

Blood in stool causes

Blood in stool causes are numerous, and it will be discuss with treatment procedures.

1. Blood can be caused by abrasion in the gastro intestinal tract or ulcer. Should you have ulcer in the stomach region, and peptic ulcer the blood from the sore can escape into food particles during the process of digestion. The mixing of blood with food particles under the process of oxidation gives stools the back appearance. Remember that stress is among the major cause of ulcer, so to avoid stress is a number one way of avoiding blood in feces

2. Colon cancer is another major condition of blood in stool causes

3. the swelling in the food pipe (esophagus) is one of the blood in stool causes

4. Over the counter habit of drug consumption habits also causes blood in the feces

5. Smoking. This is a very dangerous practice that destroys vital organs like: lungs, heart, kidney, liver etc. It weakens the muscle causing injuries and bleeding, the blood mixes with food particles during digestion thereby resulting in blood in the feces
6. Diarrhea caused by food poison or amoebic dysentery is among blood in stool causes

7. Colon inflammation or ulcerative colitis can also result in bleeding that mixes with the feces. This condition is often linked with slight pain in the abdominal regions, mild feverish condition, and cramps

8. Worms residing in the intestine can cause bleeding

9. Piles

Blood in feces is just a sign that indicates conditions like the ones mentioned above. Except blood in stool causes is as a result of constipation or hard stool experiences which probably led to tearing in the anus, the attention of a medical personnel may not be required. Simple procedures like: eating regularly on time, drinking at least 6 glasses of water daily, eating fiber rich food like: fruits and vegetable, staying away from smoking, eating oily foods, staying away from excessive coffee intake etc will surely prevent blood in stool causes and conditions.