Can Sassy Water Help You Lose Weight

Is ‘Sassy Water’ an aid to weight loss in the Flat Belly Diet?  While I was reviewing the book, “Flat Belly Diet”, by Liz Vaccariello and Cynthia Sass, I was introduced to Sassy Water, created by Cynthia, the nutritional editor. The water recipe is mooted to be an aid to weight loss. Naturally curious, I just had to research why Cynthia combines ginger, mint, cucumber, lemon and water and why they should feel it would help weight loss.

It is advisable to drink lots of water at any time, but especially so while you are on a diet. Indeed, people who drink two glasses of water before each meal were found to lose weight faster than those who did not. The water fills up the stomach, but it also serves to flush the system. When you diet, you pay more attention to what you eat and in general eat more healthily, with less in the way of processed foods. That gives your body the chance to get rid of toxins that have built up. Water helps the kidneys get rid of excess toxins.

Cucumber is a natural diuretic, that is, it makes you pass urine more often. This produces a two-fold process: you get rid of excess toxins and you also get rid of excess water, especially if you refrain from eating salt. It has a high water content in itself, so cucumber can help to balance the acid in your stomach which can produce bloating, gas and wind.  Aside from that, cucumber is full of minerals, vitamins, enzymes that help healthy cell growth making it a strong antioxidant, i.e. it is thought to help prevent cancer. Incidentally, cucumber is an anti-inflammatory, it reduced inflammation and it helps to eliminate uric acid which is laid down in joints in rheumatism and gout.

The mint that is added to Sassy Water helps to sooth the digestive tract. It is well known for promoting easy digestion, its aroma stimulating salivary glands in the mouth that aid digestion. Similarly, mint stimulates digestive glands to produce enzymes in the rest of the alimentary tract. We should also consider how well mint cleanses the mouth. When you are dieting, and therefore getting rid of toxins, you may well feel your mouth and tongue to be furry.

Lemon is also a diuretic, flushing through toxins and uric acid as well as guarding against excess water retention. While you may think of lemon as being acidic, it actually helps with bloating, with heartburn, biliousness and nausea. It acts as a tonic for the liver and stimulates the production of bile to help digestion. This is particularly effective taken before meals. Lemon is also thought to be an anti-carcinogenic, neutralising food of its cancer-bearing properties. It is certainly a wonderful way to help free the blood system of toxins.

The final ingredient in Sassy Water is ginger. Ginger has long been known for its ability to sooth the digestive tract. It helps to digest fatty foods and to break down proteins that can cause gas. Like cucumber, ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory. It is therefore, particularly soothing in inflammatory digestive ailments. In this instance, it helps to prevent bloating and excess gas. It aids the digestive enzymes to properly digest food and may even be instrumental in reducing cholesterol.

In short then, these ingredients have much to say for them.  They act as diuretics: they rid the body of retained water and help flush toxins.  When you start any diet, the first thing you loss is excess water so it can seem as if you are getting dramatic results.  They also aid digestion, sooth the digestive system and reduce bloating.  That, I suspect, is where it ends.  While it seems a good de-tox aid, and is very pleasant to drink, I would doubt it has, of itself, any property that will make weight loss fast and easy.

Flat Belly Diet get a Flat Stomach with Mufa and Sassy Water

The Flat Belly Diet supporters claim that you can lose up to 15 pounds in 32 days, all with the help of “sassy water” and “MUFA”. What is it that makes this diet work so well? Do the fun terms help keep dieters motivated? Or does it have the same steps of every other diet?  Look at the special components of the Flat Belly Diet.

First of all, the Flat Belly Diet, targets belly fat right from the beginning with its four-day jumpstart program. The diet starts out by eliminating the appearance of belly fat by getting rid of bloat. Chewing gum, daily cups of coffee, and many other everyday habits contribute to bloat, and the four-day jumpstart helps to break these habits. The dieter is required to only eat 1200 calories per day for these four days, and is also required to drink a mixture known as “sassy water”, a concoction containing water, ginger, and other cleansing ingredients.

After the jump-start, you continue on the diet with four meals each day containing a total of 1600 calories. Within these meals, it is recommended that you consume a healthy portion of “MUFA”, which stands for monounsaturated fatty acid, the good fat which is found in products like olive oil and nuts. For example, one recipe is for cherry chocolate waffles, a waffle with fresh cherries and MUFA-rich dark chocolate. Sounds like a delicious way to get a flat belly.

This diet has seen countless success stories already. The reason for this is probably because, instead of being a fad diet, it is intended to be a lifestyle change. If individuals can start habits that involve eating healthy, they are well on their way to losing weight. This is what the Flat Belly Diet proposes.

Like every other diet, the Flat Belly Diet has its share of obstacles. The people at Prevention magazine, though, are there to help. Trying to figure out how to integrate an exercise regimen? Are you beginning to plateau? Many articles are available to help you with those little, and big, slip-ups that are bound to come up. You aren’t alone in your goal to lose weight.

If you’re interested in getting a flatter stomach, sit down with a copy of “The Flat Belly Diet”, mix up some sassy water, and grab a handful of some MUFA-filled almonds. While the diet proposes the same old concepts of healthy eating, it gives you a new way to think about it. Maybe this will be finally your chance to get that trimmer waistline you’ve always wanted.