Can you name 3 healthy habits you already have?

It’s pretty easy to get weighed down by the shoulds of eating and exercising, especially when you add in new studies and other people’s opinions that aren’t exactly positive.? What would it do for you to put all that aside for a few minutes to focus on the good stuff you are already doing, the healthy habits that are a part of your daily or weekly life, the resolutions that have happily stuck?

Here’s the challenge: For two minutes, stop thinking about pounds, calories, failures or pants that you sit down in comfortably for more than the salad course. Instead, give some good thought, words, and validation to 3 healthy things you do.

I’ll kick us off? with mine (and I have to admit, it feels pretty empowering to type these things out in a little “yeah, me!” sort of way).

1. I drink a lot of water. Stashing a bottle of water in my car, my purse, and at my desk help keep me well-hydrated almost all day, almost every day.

2. I start my day with yoga. This is a new thing for me. Or rather, something I’ve returned to for the last week that I hope will be a healthy habit for many weeks to come. I spend 15 minutes doing a DVD morning practice that helps stretch me out, calm the crabbiness, and is almost as good as that first cup of coffee (I said almost).

3. I don’t do fast food. Ever. I am not worried about whether other people hit the drive-thru, but I make it a rule to not eat fast food at all. It makes road trips trickier sometimes, but I can say that I’ve never craved it since I kicked it ten years ago.

Now it is your turn! What 3 healthy things you already do?