Could Carrie Fisher be the Best Diet Spokesperson Ever?

by Piper Weiss

She’s rich, respected and far more cynical than your average weight-loss spokesperson. At first, Carrie Fisher seemed a strange choice for diet company Jenny Craig. ?Their cast of characters are usually picked up on the way back from sitcom obscurity—grateful, rehabilitated and ready to write a tell-all book.

Think Valerie Bertinelli or Kirstie Alley. How could a cult legend with a shameless past and a thriving one-woman-show fit the mold??And why would she even want to??Even the clumsy, Cathy cartoon humor of Jenny Craig commercials seems a slight to Fisher’s writing talents; she’s one of Hollywood’s most sought after script-doctors. But Fisher’s respectability and slap-in-the-face-wit is just what Jenny needs.

Despite gaining an unhealthy amount of weight (5’1, 180 pounds), she’s not the kind of person you immediately associate with body image. Her career as a writer eclipsed her career as a sex symbol long before she put the weight on. As a result, the very public diet she’s about to embark on is somewhat more relatable. She seems to want to look and feel better, rather than simply land new fans and get more work. She’s also an excellent counter to the last JC spokesperson, Sara Rue, who hinted at insecurity and eating disorders in her commercials. When she lost so much weight, you couldn’t help but worry on her behalf that she was treading into darker territories. Fisher is no stranger to her own dark-side but with age, and several works of auto-biography, she seems to have a handle on it.

Consider her explanation for her diet deal at the Jenny Craig press conference: “I Googled myself recently without a lubricant and I came across a posting that someone made about me which was, ‘What ever happened to Carrie Fisher? She used to be so hot, now she looks like Elton John.’ Yeah, that hurt.”