Don’t give up on beating binge eating disorder

So often we procrastinate. ?Many of us go through our whole lives procrastinating, especially in the times it matters most. ?Many people have the goal that they want to beat binge eating disorder, but sadly, you can find procrastination lingering here too. ?It arouses fear in us and that fear drives any motivation we might have had completely out the window.

Ending binge eating might seem too difficult to do.
It might make you so completely anxious because you aren’t sure where to begin.
You might not believe enough in yourself to know that you can successfully beat binge eating disorder.
You might be too scared of what your life would be like without binge eating. ?What will take the place that binge eating once had?

These are all true obstacles when it comes to overcoming binge eating disorder, but you must not let them stand in the way. ?It’s time to reclaim your life and your eating. ?It’s time for you to be in control of your eating, instead of falling into the trap of binge eating.

Think about and write down everything that you want to do but don’t because of binge eating disorder. ?Now, notice how binge eating disorder affects all aspects of your life.

Now, write down how your days would be spent if you didn’t have binge eating disorder. ?What would you do that you don’t now because of the disorder?

And finally, most importantly, ponder why you are letting binge eating disorder hold you back from living your life. ?After all, it’s all up to you.

About Author:

Kristin Gerstley is a former binge eater that now has a very healthy relationship with food.