Home Remedies for the Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis

Many women prefer using home remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis rather than visiting a doctor to take care of their symptoms they experience, so it is good to gain some knowledge about Natural cures for this condition.

Since the symptoms of this condition are so uncomfortable, many people will look for a quick fix solution to gain immediate relief from BV. Included in the condition and the discomfort, is the vaginal discharge which has an odor that smells like fish. Some people even feel uneasy visiting their doctor with this condition when they are seeking treatment, which is why they resort to natural cures for their condition,

A person who has been infected with Bacterial Vaginosis has a much greater chance to encounter the same problem over and over again, especially if they have been taking antibiotics to relieve the condition. It could be a vicious cycle; antibiotics lead to lowered immunity in the vaginal area and so the “good bacteria” is destroyed along with the “bad bacteria”, therefore leading to a new case of BV later on.

The constraints on the doctor are great, let alone the expenses the patient has to pay, going from one doctor to another in order to do clinical tests and diagnosis for the condition. Then there are follow-up visits and consultation fees every time BV comes back, and worst of all, the antibiotic medication is not even effective. It is an embarrassing situation and complete relief is not obtained unless the patient is treated with natural remedies.

Save yourself time and money, as well as embarrassing trips from one doctor to another, by looking into the natural cures. These remedies are accepted and harmless, they will get rid of the painful symptoms and itch immediately, and the patient is cured from all the imbalances in the pH level of the vagina, which lead to Bacterial Vaginosis in the first place.

Use these natural treatment options and put an end to the uncomfortable itching, burning and fish smelling discharge instead of taking antibiotics:

Yogurt is one of the home remedies and it is very effective in clearing up the infection. Plain yogurt should either be consumed or applied directly to the infected vaginal area on a regular basis, and within a short time the symptoms of burning and itching will stop and diminish permanently. Yogurt has live bacteria that when applied to the vaginal wall, will help balance the bacteria in the vagina. Some may think it awkward to apply yogurt inside the Vagina, but it has been tried out before, so it is safe and very effective in curing this condition.

Another natural cure is cider vinegar. Soaking the lower body and the vagina area for a couple of minutes in a mixture of warm water with 2-3 cups of vinegar diluted in the water has been very successful in getting rid of the condition. Garlic is also known to be a natural antibiotic, and so eating cloves of garlic will help relieve and eradicate Bacterial Vaginosis.