Hot Peppers Help Your Metabolism?


  • Heat your metabolism to a higher level.

Did You Know

Paprika, a milder form of Cayenne can help to process foods more effectively.

Hot Peppers: The Key to Raising Your Metabolism?

Hot peppers is a word I will use to cover a variety of peppers. This term could mean green peppers, jalapeno peppers, habanero peppers, chiles and cayenne, etc. Peppers come in all sorts of shapes colors such as, red, green, orange, purple and yellow. There are over 200 varieties of peppers, fresh and dried. It is thought that hot peppers are good for increasing metabolism because of this chemical, capsaicin, that is found in all peppers. This is where we get the heat’ or ‘hot’ sensation. This is also where we get a rich supply of our daily recommended vitamins like, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin A and beta carotene. Peppers are also low in calories.

Chiles, more commonly known as Cayenne, have been shown to relieve digestive distress and increase gastric secretions. This helps the stomach and intestines to process and absorb food more efficiently which in turn increases your metabolic level. If you feel that Cayenne would be too much for you then try Paprika, a milder form of Cayenne in powder, capsule or a tincture form.

There are many different ways to prepare peppers. They can be eaten raw, grilled, stuffed or cooked. They can even be frozen for a later use. Peppers can also be found in many foods such as salsa, breads, sauces, chili’s, meatloaves and the list just goes on. Rule of thumb, the smaller the pepper, the better. The seeds and ribbing on the inside are what contains the metabolic boosting agent, capsaicin.

Always remember when working with peppers to wear rubber gloves or wash your hands with warm soap and water immediately following. If they should be too hot for you or someone else, NEVER drink water! Capsaicin is an oil that peppers produce and like all oils it does not mix well with water. Instead eat pasta, bread or potatoes, or drink milk to absorb the oils.

For those that detest peppers try eating foods with paprika or ginger added to them. Paprika is a milder form of Cayenne. Ginger, freshly grated, will give that same heat sensation, but it has a chemical called gentiopicrin that may protect your liver. It will also help to stimulate hydrochloric acids in your stomach, which stimulate the digestive tract. So, why not Fire up your meals with a little colorful pepper, or add some Spice to your life and they may just ignite your metabolism to a higher level. I have tried it for 6 months and lost 37 lbs. What do you have to lose?