How many calories in 10 chicken wings?

There’s a pub near to me that offer thrice-weekly wing night. I have great memories of these wing nights, when my friends and I gather for drinks, laughs and some of the best chicken wings that have ever passed through my lips. They’re perfectly seasoned and fried to perfection. Unfortunately, these wings night memories may have to be just that — memories. Because animal skin deep fried and battered can’t be good for you, right? At least they’re low in carbs — something I use to justify my indulgence even though I don’t follow a low-carb plan. Anyway, I decided to do some investigating into the caloric and fat value of chicken wings. Now it’s your turn to decide whether they have:

A) 750 cal, 45 g of fat

B) 1050 cal, 75 g of fat

C) 1590 cal, 107 g or fat

D) 850 cal, 67 g of fat

The answer is C) 1590 cal 107 g or fat. Oh. my god. That is more than an entires day worth of calories in 10 measly wings. I am shocked. Appalled. And a little sad that I have to give up my wing nights. I can’t justify that much fat and calories.

But there is a bright side. Since I found this info out, I’ve been experimenting with alternative wing recipes, using whole wheat bread crumbs, seasoning and the oven instead of the deep fryer. The recipe is not perfected yet, but I’m working on it. Watch this space.