How to Finger Yourself Properly

This article is meant to help women everywhere learn their bodies and how to give extreme pleasure to yourself using your fingers with some additional vibrating toys for very extreme super orgasms. I know women around the world want to feel extreme pleasure using their own fingers and there are a lot of women who are not sure how to do this and need the guidance from a woman who has mastered the beautiful art of female masturbation fingering techniques. My fingering techniques will give you extreme orgasmic pleasures whenever and wherever you so desire to feel pleasured.

Remember that fingering yourself is an art of masturbating your vagina with your own fingers, and sometimes with the use of some additional sex toys for added more intense super orgasms. Of course we all know masturbating involves much more than just sticking your own fingers inside your vagina and moving them around. I always say that one of the most important things us ladies can have when trying something new or expanding on the experience is knowledge! I have the knowledge and experience in which I am going to share with you along with ways to truly give yourself an orgasmic experience you can have anytime at your disposal. When you try out my fingering techniques and how to finger yourself whenever you feel like will make you feel extreme pleasure and give you super orgasms. These specific techniques will work for all women.

First of all, you may have a question “Is It Normal To Finger Yourself?”.  Well, it is not as commonly or blatantly discussed as male masturbation. Girls and women do not make a custom to constantly reference to it, make it into punch lines or discuss it among friends even; but fingering yourself is definitely normal. In fact, most every adult female has at one point in their lives tried it. Now go on reading the next as following.

How to Finger Yourself

When learning about how to finger yourself it’s all about good imagination and creativity. You also will need to have privacy, comfortable spot and some time on your hands.

The Setting

Probably the most comfortable and private spot would be your bedroom, make sure no one is there to disturb you (unless it is to join you!), nothing worse than somebody calling for you when you are in the middle of pleasuring yourself. If you have a roommate, then just wait for him or her to leave before starting. However, be sure that they won’t be coming back anytime soon.

Getting a lock for your door in this situation would be perfect, as you can let your mind wander without worrying about someone barging in. If you are loud, try turning on some music to drowned out the noise.

Guide on Fingering Yourself

Lie on your back, naked or loosely clothed. You could go the extra mile and foster a romantic environment, light some candles and dim the lights, have a little champagne and nice music to get you in the mood. Now close your eyes and let your imagination run.

While doing that, start touching yourself. Make sounds and let your inhibitions go. With a water-based lubrication, wet yourself and start rubbing your vulva. Do this with your palm resting on your mons or mound, start your way outside lightly and slowly work your way towards the clitoris. Use circular motions slowly increasing rhythm and pressure. Be creative with this process. When you are wet enough you can slowly start to insert your finger inside you and stimulate your G-spot, which is located along the underside of your belly inside the vaginal canal; it’ll feel like the roof of your mouth.

Go into a fantasy as you rhythmically move your finger up and down and take other distractions out of your mind. You can use your other hand to touch your breasts or clitoris where there are many nerves for stimulation to heighten the excitement. Tilt your head back and relax as the feeling takes over your body. Breathe deeply, and as you exhale speed up your finger movements for a second. Learn what feels good for your body and over time fingering yourself will become an exciting and pleasurable escape from reality.


To help you out, you may want to pick up a personal vibrator. For example the IRIS personal vibrator is a good choice, but there are many others on the market of similar quality. This particular vibrator is silky smooth, skillful and very powerful in giving you pleasure. It is 8.7 inches long with girth that will feel most ideal. It has two balanced engines and is powerful but quiet. The great thing about this is you have 5 stimulation modes, so you have total control of the kind of pleasure that you want. It’s your choice if you want it to stimulate internally or externally, either will feel great. Also it is made of top quality silicone so it really feels silky smooth; add great amounts of lubrication before inserting to really have the best time.

I recommend to look at and look at other types of vibrators as well. Make sure to read reviews in order to get a good overall impression of the unit.

Fingering Techniques

1. While slowly caressing your clit, moving your fingers slowly using up and down motions usually work better than side-to-side or circular motions. You can use the latter two fingers to vary it every now and then, but, on the whole (whether fingering or using sex toys), up and down on the clitoris usually works best and gives great vaginal pleasure with these fingering techniques.

2. While using a finger or two inside, one of the better motions I’ve always found to give extreme pleasure is to push your finger all the way in, then bend it slightly when pulling it out, so it scrapes against the top wall. Not only does this feel very pleasurable, but this gives you a chance at hitting your G-spot. If you do hit your G-spot, you will know it right away, trust me on this one! You will find your G-spot and use it to your full advantage every time and anywhere. This is one of the best places to start consistently caressing when you are getting close to having an orgasm. My own personal recommendation on this is one finger for you tighter ladies, but I know you can fit two in there, for this will give you more pleasure and more pleasure is what we are after here with my fingering techniques.

3. I can’t stress this enough here ladies – try to be consistent. You may vary your angle and fingering style position sometimes while you are fingering yourself, but don’t change every three seconds. The art of female masturbation is the need to slowly build up to the point of orgasm. You can also get a little more physical and thrust your fingers in a little further inside, this feels so great. Go a little faster, but do not decide that maybe if you completely change your angle and rotate your fingers this way” when your near the edge, every time you switch, it will knocks your orgasm back a bit, and that can be really frustrating for you. And most importantly ladies, when you are getting closer to orgasm, if you need to do something extra, DO IT. Whether it be to go harder, faster, rougher, or whatever it maybe, you know what you need, and this will help your orgasm along a lot if you just listen to your bodies needs and do what comes natural to you. This is about you, after all, so go all out with my fingering techniques.

4. You must also pay attention to more than your vaginal area. This fingering technique will make you feel better and increase your general body sensitivity if you caress your breasts with one hand while having the other hands fingers inside of you.

5. Right after you have reached orgasm, don’t pull your finger out suddenly. Unless it’s part of hard, fast thrusts (and usually even then), your fingers should stay in or come out very gradually. Ripping it out all at once can be very uncomfortable or painful.