5 Simple Ways to Improve Posture Throughout the Day

How to Improve Your Posture

Posture is so important for us because good posture is the foundation for a lot of things in life. It affects our back and spine health, how the world perceives us, the quality of our exercises, and good posture can even make you look 10 pounds thinner! Here are five simple ways to improve your posture throughout the day.

Get Out of Your Chair!
Even if you have a mountain of work to tackle, don’t sit hunched over your desk all day. Get up every hour and walk around for a minute or two to realign your spine. Be sure to roll your shoulder’s back and undo all of the ‘hunching’ from the previous hour. Every time you sit back down at your desk, be sure to keep that good alignment from your walk around.

Tilt Your Computer Monitor Up or Use a Laptop Stand
Your neck is an extension of your spine. There’s also a saying that ‘where your head goes, so does your body.” So if your monitor is set too low, or you’re hunched over a laptop, looking down at the screen, this will cause the rest of your body to round and cause bad posture.

Establish Equal Footing
Stand naturally for a second like you’re having a cup of coffee at the counter. Are you prone to having more weight on one side of the body? It’s very common to have an extra amount of weight distributed through your dominant side. So if you’re right handed, you’ll bear more weight on your right side. So while you’re standing, be sure to try and distribute the weight evenly through your legs and the bottoms of your feet. This will make you sleeker looking.

Raise Your Rearview Mirror
Just like the computer monitor, we tend to hunch over the steering wheels while driving. Raising your rearview mirror in your car can help keep your spine in better alignment and also serve as a cue to do a ‘posture check’ every time you glance into the mirror.

Do Gluteal and Kegel Exercises
Like a tree needs roots, so does the body. A lot of support for good posture not only comes from the back and the core, but also from the muscles in the gluteals and pelvic floor. These muscles stimulate the spine in specific ways to cue it to elongate, and improve posture.

At first you might be surprised by how bad your posture may seem. But over time, you’ll find the adjustments less and less and the benefits of good posture more and more. When I first started doing it, I never noticed how horrible I hunched my back while I was sitting at the computer, or how much I rounded my shoulders while driving. After correcting my posture over the course of a month, my back pain and fatigue at the end of the day virtually disappeared, and I definitely stand up straighter!