How to say no to food cravings

Food cravings can be difficult beasts to slay when you’re trying to lose weight. They usually rear their ugly heads during the evening hours, while you’re watching TV, but have also been known to seduce you as you shop for groceries. Is there a way to handle food cravings and say no? Yes. In fact, there are several things you can do to kill those vicious beasts and meet your weight loss goals.

Give Your Body What It Needs Rather Than What It Wants

When the body craves certain foods, it’s actually trying to tell you something. While you may perceive these cravings as a want for chocolate, salty snacks or even soda, your body is actually sending out messages that it is deprived of nutrients. For example, if you crave fatty foods, your body is letting you know that you need calcium. You can help beat those food cravings by having a variety of healthy snacks in the house. Low fat cheese and other dairy products help combat many foods cravings, but it’s also a good idea to keep healthy protein snacks, such as nuts, in the house. You can also help avoid nutritional deprivation by taking multivitamins and eating well-balanced meals.

Ask Yourself What’s More Important

One trick I use at restaurants and while shopping is to ask myself what’s more important. Is a high-fat entree really more important than being able to reach my weight loss goal? Is a piece of cheesecake more important than looking sexy? The questions you ask yourself may be different. You may ask yourself if a candy bar is more important than losing enough weight to be able to play with your children. Either way, it helps to visualize what your life could be like if you skipped that snack and stuck with healthier foods. You may need to constantly remind yourself of what life could be like, but if it keeps you going, that’s all that matters.

Have a Motivational Device Handy

Another way to help beat food cravings is to have a motivational tool handy at all times. It may be pictures on the refrigerator to prevent you from grabbing a snack or even a pair of smaller jeans hanging up in your exercise room. You may even want to write a message on your bathroom mirror that encourages you to start and end your day in a healthy way. A boost of motivation is a great way to say no to those pesky food cravings.