How to Throw Yourself a Party

Have you ever wanted to throw yourself a party? Well, this article is for you!

Here are 4 ways to throw yourself a party as following:


  1. # It’s easy, you should plan ahead though. Don’t just go “Oh let’s go have a party now.”
  2. Find out a time when everyone except the guests are going to be out of the house for at least an hour. Then you can continue.
  3. Go onto youtube and find every party song you like. Put it into a playlist and make sure you put at least 4 or 5 A’s in front of the name “party” so it will be at the top. Then, you should have at least 20 songs on your playlist.

    • Play whatever you like! If you like alternative music, listen to that!
  4. Find out what you are going to do for dinner. 1 small cheese pizza is usually the cheapest.
  5. * Some mini pizzas are really good. And they only take about 10 minutes to heat up in the oven.

Method 1 of 4: Party Time

  1. Get a computer and play the playlist really loud. Not loud enough that that your neighbors can hear it. Just loud enough that it’s a fun party.

Method 2 of 4: Decorations

  1. You can explore your house and party supplies by looking for balloons. You can make a few little posters to tape up on the walls. Just make sure you don’t put anything serious up. Make sure you can take it down in less than a minute or 2. If you put up too many decorations, your parents will regret letting you stay home and think you threw a real party. So, only put balloons, posters, and you can even put up some candles, as long as they are on a shelf, so you don’t knock them over.
  2. You could be saving the house! Don’t put up candles. But, you can if you have permission from someone who is an adult. have them help you light the candle and put it in a reasonable place.

Method 3 of 4: After the party

  1. Make sure you clean up all of the trash
  2. Make sure that if your parents ask you why they walked in to loud music and trash, and probably dancing, you tell them that you had a party by yourself. this especially works if there are two people having a party.
  3. Make sure that you didn’t completely trash the house, or you will/may get grounded for a week or two. depends on how strict your parents are.
  4. Sometimes, you can even tell your parents you and your sibling are throwing yourselves a mini-party. They might even buy you some candy and they might order a pizza. Make sure you throw in mini-party.
  5. If you get in trouble, and you want to do it again, you will have to ask your parents all over again, and go through the process again.
  6. If you do, and they say yes, you should ask them why they didn’t like it last time. Then, make sure you don’t do whatever they said they didn’t like.

Method 4 of 4: Next Time

  1. Don’t just randomly do stuff that you are not allowed to do.
  2. Make sure that you are allowed to do this.


  • You can even see if a friend can come over.
  • Have a fun party since this will only last about 2 or maybe at the most 3 hours.