How to use a Weight Watchers Points Calculator

Weight Watchers is probably the most widely known and most used diet system across North America. It’s so successful because the way it helps you lose weight is by evaluating the food you eat, and turning its calorie, fat, and fiber content into points. Only being allowed to ingest so many points per day, you’re not really dieting – more or less choosing healthier foods to eat. There are two ways to get the point value of the foods you eat.


The manual calculation for weight watchers points is a little bit tricky, but once you get used to it, it’s easy. Keep in mind, to do these calculations with ease, you’ll definitely need a calculator!

* Take a look at the nutritional food label and find the caloric (calorie) content, and divide that number by fifty.

* Next, find the fat content and then divide that number by twelve.

* Find the sum of those two numbers, and write it down.

* Next, find the amount of dietary fiber on the nutritional label, and divide that number by five. Write that number down as well.

* With the two numbers that are marked down, take your calculator and minus them. (Some people may find it easier to call the sum of fat and calories to be “A” and the divided dietary fiber number to be “B”, making the equation to be A minus B.)

* A minus B equals the food point equation. Not so hard, right? Keep a note of all the points you consume in a day.


For those who want to purchase the weight watchers electronic or online calculator, it’s a very quick and efficient tool that gives you your point value. Instead of you having to do the calculations yourself, the calculator does all of it for you. Here’s how it works.

* To use the online calculator, it is simple and easy to access through the weight watchers website.

* Look on your nutritional food label and enter the caloric content into the online calculator. (The same goes for the electronic calculator as well.) Hit enter.

* Next, find the amount of fat content and enter that into whichever calculator you’re using. Hit enter again.

* Last but not least, enter the amount of dietary fiber that’s listed on the nutritional food label as well, and press calculate.

* The number that appears is your food point value.

Of course, the weight watchers calculator is the easier method when calculating your food value points, however both methods give you the value you’re looking for.

If you want to save yourself the money and not have to buy the calculator straight from weight watchers, use Google to your advantage and see if you can find something that calculates your food point values accurately. Otherwise, calculating manually can be just as simple and can save you the cost of having to buy the calculator.