I Quit Smoking and YOU can too

User post by KUTTER

Sorry to disappoint some of you, but I’m talking about smoking ????  LOL  Yep, I quit.  I’ve tried a few different times, but I really got myself into it this time.

I quit cold turkey. I’ve tried the pills and patches in the past, and they just seem to prolong the cravings.  I want this poison out of my body as fast as possible and then watch my body heal itself.

This is what I’ve noticed so far:

Day One:  A very weird feeling, almost dizzy.  I felt like I was on something all day long.  The cravings weren’t too bad until that night.  Luckily I had some support and made it through day one.  I also went around the internet and read a lot of stories and what to expect over the next few weeks.  Some are funny and some are serious.  This one cracked me up:

“Kinga: I haven’t had a smoke in about 24 hours…………..I am FREAKING OUT…………this is horrible…”

I can so relate to this person, but I hope that he/she made it through another day etc…

Day Two:  Still very dizzy, but not quite as bad.  Time seems to move very slow.  What seems like should be 20 minutes is only 5 minutes.  Concentration is a little difficult, but not too bad.  Today I noticed a huge difference in my sense of smell.  I can actually smell how bad the cigarettes are in my clothes and surroundings.  Hmmmmm, I had no idea that it smelled like this.  Somehow it smelled different while I was still smoking.  If you have ever quit smoking then maybe you know what I’m talking about.  I guess that my nerve endings are repairing themselves, and this starts within two days of quitting.  Supposedly my food will taste different too, but I haven’t witnessed that yet.

Day Three:  I’m in day three right now.  The cravings are obviously still there, but I have this beast beat ????  I am not going back!  Some people say that I should replace this habit with something else, like chewing gum, or on a toothpick, etc…  I haven’t done anything like that.  But, I do find that I drink a lot more tea.  From what I have read, the nicotine will exit my body completely around the 72 hour mark, and I would test 100% nicotine free.  I am really looking forward to that moment.  This being dizzy sucks.  It’s hard to explain, but I can tell that it is getting better.  I like this one too:

Kimberley: Wrote a letter to my cigarettes. I hope I can share it with you all. It may sound crazy, but it has helped me tremendously. Dear Newport Lights:
For the past few years you have been deceiving me. You made me feel a sense of comfort in you. When I was hanging out with your friends, margarita, gin and coffee you were the center of attention. I am here to tell you that you can no longer be a part of my life. That’s right! you have burned you bridges for the last time. I no longer need you to make me feel good. I have chosen to live a life free of you. I have found comfort in affirmations and with people who support me. You’re probably blowing smoke now because you cannot believe I’m doing this, but today is the day I must say GOOD-BYE! Newport get your butts out of my face!
Whenever I have the urge, I read that letter. I hope it can help someone. I’m in it to win it. So can you.”

I’ve read some really horrible stories about the effects of what smoking can and will do to your body.  One that I keep going back to is about a 34 year old guy named Bryan Curtis.  He smoked for a about 20 years and died within two months after discovering he had lung and liver cancer.  Two months!!!!  He left behind a wife and son.  If you are trying to quit then follow this link :  http://whyquit.com/whyquit/BryanLeeCurtis.html.  This is a horrible story and if it doesn’t alter you then there is something really wrong with you.  It’s not just that he died, look at the pictures and the complete change in appearance.  I can’t help but think that Bryan Curtis could easily be me some day if I continue, so I can’t continue.  I truly hope that I haven’t done anything too bad to myself, but time will tell.

I have been smoking two packs a day for a very long time.  I also started smoking about 23 years ago.  This biggest thing that I have noticed is that smoking has affected my sleep.  For some reason my lungs fill at night and then I have to cough to clear them.  I hate this, and now I’m going to fix it for good.  Since I quit, I have noticed a slight improvement.  This tells me that it will only get much better.

Well, if you want to quit with me, then jump on board.  I’m not looking back.  I will try to log my daily experiences and withdrawals as this blog progresses.  Please share your stories or your personal ideas on how to quit.  If you are looking for support, you came to the right place:  Below is something that I keep looking at to help keep me motivated.  I do enjoy knowing that my body is fixing itself, and the greatest part is that I can feel it happening.

  • After 20 minutes – Smoking causes increase in blood pressure. This high blood pressure is very harmful as it increases the danger of heart attack. But as soon as we quit smoking the risk minimizes and blood pressure rate becomes normal.
  • After 8 hours – Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood are greatly reduced; oxygen levels in the blood return to normal. The chances of a heart attack start to fall.
  • After 10 hours – Carbon monoxide (CO) level becomes half after 10 hours of quitting smoking. Carbon monoxide is one of the major pollutants that produce bad effects on cognitive skills and health. It also affects the oxygen, which is one of the most vital substances, which are necessary for survival. When the carbon monoxide level is high, it decreases intake of blood from lungs, which can lead to many serious problems. We increase our energy levels by smoothing the passage of oxygen as we restrict the carbon monoxide level by quitting smoking.
  • After 24 hours – If you successfully completed 24 hours, it is a marvelous starting, for the chain smokers that provides them strong bearing power, less level of tiredness after exercise and quick recovery.
  • After 48 Hours – When move to 48 hours from one whole day, it gives us a totally new experience as nicotine is removed from their body, which earlier has resulted in bad side effects by causing stomachache, vomiting and it also develops the probability of hypothermia.
  • After 72 hours – Bronchial tubes begin to relax; energy levels increase. Breathing becomes easier.
  • After 2-22 weeks – After 2 to 22 weeks of quitting smoking you will get rid of bad circulation and also of numerous other disorders like slow cold feet, skin healing, peripheral vascular disease (PVT), and Raynaud’s disease.
  • After 1 year – After you quit smoking for 1 year, you will reduce the risk of heart attack to half. According to the studies conducted in U.K, smoking results in around 20,000 deaths due to heart diseases.
  • After 10 years – After reducing the danger of heart attack our good habit of quitting smoking results in minimizing the danger of lung cancer to half.
  • After 15 years – After 15 years person who once was chain smoker leads a healthy life as a normal man who has never smoked. At last the good habit has repaid back.

So, there you have it.  I Quit, and you can too.