Correct ICD 9 Code for Knee Pain

ICD 9 code for knee pain is not a very familiar term for common people and is mostly used by doctors or patients who are looking for a solution to knee injuries. These codes are used and implemented by medical professionals to understand the condition of the patient and the treatment done or required for the cure of the disease. Different codes are used for different disease and we can say that it is a universal medical language used for analysis and treatment of a disease. For knee joint related problems, ICD 9 code is the standard form used in different countries. Under this code there are sub codes which are used for different disease under knee joint category.

What is ICD 9 Code for knee pain?

icd 9 code for knee painIt is the coded form of communication which explains the medical situation of the knee. Any injury, symptom or medical condition related to injuries on knee is explained in a coded form. Knee injuries can be due to various reasons such as fracture, dislocation, ligament tear or any other cause. The effect of these injuries can be swelling, chronic pain or any other severe symptom. ICD which means International Statistical Classification of Disease is a coded way of understanding and analyzing different disease and the treatment required.

ICD 9 coding is different for different types of knee pain as for normal knee pain i.e. patellofemoral pain, the ICD code used is 719.46 whereas for lateral knee pain which in medical term is called enthesopathy, the ICD code is 726.64 and for anterior knee pain i.e. patellar tendinitis the code used is 726.60.


ISD 9 codes are commonly accepted way of analyzing the various details for knee injuries. Since the code is globally accepted hence it is easy for a patient to undergo treatment in any country without any trouble. It not only helps in understanding the medical situation of the knee pain and the treatment required for the cure of the disease but it also helps in making decisions regarding the kind of treatment required and medicines that can be used for the disease. The ISD 9 code is also a great help for the insurance people as it helps them in availing the details of the disease thereby making it easy for them to provide compensation for the treatment.

The code is important for people who visits a different hospital and explains the doctor about his knee problem. Since there are a number of diseases caused due to knee pain hence it becomes difficult for a doctor to treat a patient without a confirmation about his disease. This ICD 9 code makes it easy for the patients as well as doctors to explain the disease and avail the treatment in the best possible way. Since different joint pains have different codes hence a proper code is essential to diagnose a disease properly.


ICD 9 code ?is helpful for doctors, patients, nurses and health insurance providers by saving their time required in finding the details of the disease. So if you are looking for a knee treatment in your country or outside the country then you need not to worry about explaining the disease to the doctor as they can easily detect and understand the condition of your knee injury.