Importance of Exercise for Weight Watchers Success

Weight Watchers members find success because the program consists of a lifestyle change, including both food and exercise. While many people think the key to weight loss is limiting calories, Weight Watchers understands that the true value lies in choosing the right foods and in learning how to have a more active lifestyle, including daily exercise.

There is a well-established connection between exercise and weight loss. Weight Watchers promotes an active lifestyle as part of their health program. The Weight Watchers Researchers explain that different types of exercise will have less or more impact on how quickly you burn calories and lose weight.

You can consider exercise in three general categories: aerobic, resistance and flexibility. Each of these exercise types are important for different reasons.

Aerobic Exercise – Aerobic activities are those which get you moving, such as walking, jogging, swimming or bicycling. This type of exercise will burn the most calories and help you shed pounds more quickly.

Resistance Training – Resistance activities are those that focus more on building and toning muscle, such as weight lifting, Pilates or resistance-band training. This type of exercise burns less calories than aerobic activity, however it helps to retain lean muscle mass. It can also build muscle which eventually leads to a faster resting metabolic rate.

Flexibility Training – Flexibility activities are those that stretch out your muscles, joints, and nerve pathways. This includes general stretching as well as yoga. Flexibility exercises are important to prevent injury and improve your performance during other exercises. Yet, on their own, flexibility exercises burn few calories.

Keep in mind that the amount of calories burned during any exercise depends on your own weight. For example, if someone jogs at 5mph for 30 minutes, she would burn 280 calories if she weighs 150 pounds. If she weighs 250 pounds, she would burn 460 calories. The same is true of resistance and flexibility exercises, though the calories burned in 30 minutes are significantly less.

Though aerobic exercise does burn the most calories, each of these three types of exercise are important in their own way. All three should be included in a total exercise plan. Weight Watchers can help you design a weekly exercise routine that includes a variety of exercises that burn calories, maintain and build muscle, and improve your flexibility.

Weight Watchers also understands that not all exercise happens in a gym. Through meetings and online resources, Weight Watchers offers advice for adopting a more active lifestyle in small ways throughout your day.

By following a Weight Watchers program that includes both eating and exercise guidance, you can achieve your weight loss goals more easily. Keeping up an exercise routine will also help you keep the weight off and enjoy many additional health benefits.