Inexpensive and Creative Date Ideas

Courting a woman can become an expensive process. Always paying for dinner, always paying for movies and flowers. Dates are more expensive than ever. However, if you are creative, you can come up with an inexpensive date or totally free date idea that will score you more points with your woman than any expensive date could do. It’s all about how much effort you put into it, that’s the key to a woman’s heart, showing her that she is your first priority and that you are willing to go the extra mile for her. Here are some cheap and inexpensive date ideas to try.

Pack a picnic

Picnics are romantic and intimate and not many men go through all of the trouble of packing sandwiches and beverages into a basket or back pack and bringing a blanket. This is the type of thing men only do in movies. This is the type of thing every woman wants, so you should do it. Just make a few sandwiches, pack some fruit (it’s sexier) and a beverage, obviously you will need a blanket to sit on. It’s not so romantic to have grass residue on your jeans, so remember that blanket!

Cook Dinner

Men are not the most ingenious creatures in the kitchen. We women understand that, but when you even attempt to cook scrambled eggs and burn them, it’s cute. It’s the effort and thought that counts. Go on Associated Content and look up how to make an easy pasta dish. Remember to buy candles and light them. Your lady will be tickled pink for all of the trouble that you have gone through to please her.

Stay in

Rent all of her favorite movies before hand, order her favorite take out food, once again before hand. The trick to this is to not tell her what you will be doing tonight and pleasantly surprise her by already having rented her favorite movies, and her favorite take out food. She will be in awe of how attentive you are to what she likes (some men can not even remember the color of our eyes) this will definitely get you extra points with your girl.

Remember be creative

Pay attention to what she likes, remembering miniscule details impresses us women. Put in some effort and have fun. Just because a date is inexpensive, this does not mean that you are cheap or don’t love her. If your woman is with you for all the right reasons she would rather spend a night in alone with you, rather than going out to an expensive club or restaurant.

One Additional Point

As for American women, most of us truly value respect. Contrary to popular belief chivalry is still alive and women always love a romantic. Spontaneous flower giving, and out of the ordinary dates, and most importantly respect are the ways to the hearts of most American women.