Insider Tips for Women Watching the Super Bowl

Jenna Lee—host of Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now,” and the newest member of the team—has the skinny on all the football basics, so you’ll convince anyone you’re an expert at this year’s Super Bowl party.

Why is Jenna such a fan of the sport?

My dad played in the NFL for 14 years and my brother is currently a QB for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Football is just good, old-fashioned fun…and it’s a uniquely American too…which is very cool! I grew-up watching hours of Sunday football games with my dad and brothers…and their passion for the game is contagious!

  5 things you should never say to a man during a game?

1.       Let’s see what’s going on with the Housewives of Beverly Hills

2.       Honey – I know there’s only 1 minute left in the game…but those dishes aren’t going to clean themselves.

3.       That quarterback is hot!

4.       Why don’t you wear tight pants like them?

5.       Stop trying to cuddle – I’m watching football!

Which team is favored to win in this year’s match and what team is Jenna routing for?

This is a really good match-up…from two very storied NFL teams. I’m not rooting for any team in particular – but I’d love to see a really close, exciting game.

Interesting irony this year….the Steelers and the Packers are both teams with a strong, devoted fan base…the teams are popular but also…not “fancy” – this is a good, old fashion rivalry. However, the Super Bowl is being held this year in the “fanciest” stadium in the country…the most expensive NFL stadium ever built.

Basic football lingo you need to know for watching the game:

·        Audible: When the quarterback makes a spur of the moment call for a new play.

·        Blitz:  When the defense rushes the quarterback – to pressure him – so he screws up the play or gets sacked.

·        Clothesline: Just know this: It’s okay for World Wrestling…not okay for footballers. You hit anyone intentionally above the shoulder pads…you’ll get a penalty. It’s definitely something to watch for in the Super Bowl – officials have no tolerance for it.

·        End Zone: The End Zone is where the team that has the ball – wants to go…to score a touchdown.

·        Extra Point: the kick post-touchdown…that gets you…one, extra point!

·        Field Goal: This happens when the offense runs out of chances to move the ball down field and doesn’t feel they can score a touchdown – so they kick a field goal worth half-as much: 3 points.

·        Hail Mary: When a quarterback launches a super long pass. This usually happens when the game is down to the wire…and the quarterback is sending up a prayer – hence “Hail Mary”

·        Line of Scrimmage: Where the quarterback and the offensive line set up to run the next play.

·        Sack:  When the quarterback gets tackled before he can pass or throw the ball…behind the line of scrimmage.

·        Safety:  When the quarterback or any player on the offense gets tackled in the opposing team’s end zone – when that happens the other team gets 2 points.

·        Snap:  When the quarterback or a kicker gets “snapped” or briskly passed the ball from the center after they set up at the line of scrimmage.  The ball can also be snapped to another offensive player…but that’s usually a trick play.