Is Obesity in Children a matter of diet or lack of exercise?

Who hasn’t worried about their child’s health? All the studies that have been done indicate that over 1/3 of children today are overweight or obese and we spend lots and lots of research money granted for more studies on why children are getting more and more obese and overweight.

Why can’t we stop researching and take action against this insidious encroachment of inferior health on our children? Talking about it, writing papers about it, publishing research about it doesn’t change anything unless action is applied and that is where the problem lies in this writer’s opinion.

My family has owned a roller skating facility since 1992 north of Chicago, Illinois. We have seen miracles happen when children learn to roller skate. Adults that have come to us in terrible health, overweight and having problems with blood sugar, high blood pressure and other ailments see amazing results when they skate 3 times a week or more. Weight loss results of 50, 80 and over 150 pounds have happened before our eyes as our guests learn the joy of movement to music and flying without wings.

When we try to apply for grants from the very institutions that publish news reports that “60 million dollars has been pledged to fight childhood obesity”, we are told that more research is needed. We know why people gain weight outside of a medical condition – too many calories in and not enough exercise. You must burn more than you take in. How about we put some of the money into transportation that can take children to the local roller rink.

There are over 1689 roller rinks across the country today. Many sit empty because parents, schools and community groups cannot be bothered taking them roller skating. What if there was a neighborhood bus that was provided by some of this funding to take the children who wanted to go skating to the rink and dropped them off a couple hours later. Burning up to 500 calories per hour….the magic of roller skating.

I congratulate our First Lady Michelle Obama on her new initiative to fight childhood obesity and know that the First Family loves to roller skate. It would be a wonderful and affordable program to get children all across the United Skates roller skating to better health. The Presidents Council on Fitness already endorses Roller Skating as does the American Heart Association and the roller rinks across the country stand ready to help.

Make a difference in a child’s life, take them skating.