Marijuana Drug Testing Advice


  • Marijuana testing myths
  • Vitamin B12 as a cure-all

There’s always more stock in natural solutions than chemical. I’ve compiled some of the larger myths and products, and listed some info to help show where these myths come from.

First, let’s go with some facts. A drug test measures the amount of THC in your urine, based on the blood in your urine, where the THC is stored. THC is also stored in fat cells, so it’s said that eating more meat and cleaning out your blood and fat cells will rid you of THC. Many people purchase kits to pass the test that involve drinking some vile substance and taking pills, and while these are pretty effective in a pinch, they’re incredibly expensive and the testing companies are getting better at detecting chemicals used in those kits. The need has come for more natural solutions that can’t be picked up.

To begin with, cranberry juice is typically advised because it flushes your system. Cranberry juice clears your blood stream, which can affect the amount of THC that shows up in your blood. Of course, if you’re drinking something that’s 15% juice, you’d have to drink a hell of a lot for it to affect you, and you’re at your best bet picking a natural or organic juice that has the highest content of actual juice compared to other chemicals and sugars. It’s a lot more bitter, but it’s worth the taste. Don’t forget that drug tests measure the pH levels of urine, and if not within a certain pH level the test is invalid. Drinking a large amount of cranberry juice right before your test could significantly raise your pH levels, so it’s wiser to keep it in your system on a regular basis, drinking a glass or two a day.

Another typically suggested option is simply flooding your system with water. Drinking lots of water can help, because it will reduce the amount of blood in your urine. Since THC is easiest read in the blood, those with more blood in their urine are at highest risk of getting caught. This is the same reason drinking cranberry juice on a regular basis works as well, because it’ll help prevent urinary infections and such, meaning there’s less blood in your urine. However, it tends to lighten the color and lower the pH level of your urine, and if you’re not within certain colors and levels, they won’t accept your sample. Drug tests also check the levels of creatine in your system, so if you have too much water and not enough creatine, you may be at risk of seeming suspicious, though this can be easily countered with eating meats.

The myth: Vitamin B12 will restore color to your urine if you’ve drank a ton of water before the test. Vitamin B12 is a natural remedy for a large amount of ailments. It helps many with hangovers and can help with anemia. It does affect the color, but it also will create an effect that will show up in urine as homocysteine, so if you’ve taken a lot of it to try to mask the fact that you’ve drank too much water, you might also tip them off that you’ve taken something to do so. Homocysteine may also affect your heart in some very negative ways, so it’s definitely not a permanent solution for someone who has a lot of random drug screenings at their employment.
Another issue with B12 is the issues it can cause if you haven’t familiarized yourself to it. There can be some serious dermatological effects that can last for months, it can cause diarrhea, and nerve issues. It also has less of an effect on people who absorb a lot of alcohol or nicotine into their system, so keep that in mind before choosing it as a last-minute remedy. Additionally, don’t bet on it if you are on antibiotics, because they’ll block the absorption of the B12 into your system so it can do its job.

I’ve heard of some who will wait to urinate until the test, trying to give everything they’ve done to their bodies enough time to get as much THC out as possible, and this is like the pullout method in its uselessness. For one thing, let’s consider the fact that a pregnancy test suggests you take it first thing in the morning so you have the highest level of hormone in your system. It’s more common for a woman taking a pregnancy test to get a negative effect when she’s actually pregnant if she takes the test later in the day. This leads us to two logical conclusions. For one, don’t hold it, because your system processes things out through urine. If you’ve cleared out all of what’s in your system and your body is refilled with stuff to pee out, you’ve got a much higher chance that not enough THC will show up to cause a positive test. Secondly, if you are given a choice of when to take your test, try for later in the day. You’ve had a chance to eat, drink, and put lots of other stuff in your system throughout the day, meaning that the content of anything else in your blood has been cleaned out a bit and there are lower levels of acids and such.

Don’t forget that there’s no reason to freak out so much if you yourself aren’t a smoker, and were just around smokers. Urine tests look for anything over a certain amount, because of the concept that there are so many common things that can bring up a certain amount of chemical, such as poppy seeds. So if you were hanging out with a few people that smoked in the same room as you three weeks ago, you’re probably safe.

It never hurts to generally keep your system as clean as possible. Drinking lots of water on a regular basis, keeping cranberry juice in your daily diet, and taking vitamins to assist your body in cleaning out your blood regularly. Based on evidence, I can’t help but say that the dietitian’s typical advise for anyone is the best application to drug testing. Stop smoking and drinking, keep a healthy level of natural juice and meat in your system, drink enough water to keep your body free of toxins, and supplement vitamins occasionally. Exercise regularly, but keep in mind that smoking, exercising, and then taking your drug test in succession will actually process the THC into your system, so you may want to abstain from exercising directly after smoking, and instead choosing to flush your system first. Additionally, there’s some concept that sexual activity may help your body process out the THC faster because it stimulates just about every function in the body, but the levels of effectiveness aren’t substantiated by scientific study, so I wouldn’t recommend just having a quick shag before your drug test.

Or, of course, you could choose whether or not to imbibe illegal substances based on your situation. A parent who could lose their children based on any claims should make the choice to abstain from anything that could cost them their custody. A job seeker should stop smoking as a preemptive strike to their job search. I myself am not fond of just about anything but cigarettes and the occasional drink based on the fact that for me, it’s just too much trouble. But if you find yourself in the situation where you are at risk of getting caught, I hope some information about these myths has helped.