Must Haves for New Mommies 2017

“Must Have” Products for New Mommies

by Crystal Hartzell

Preparing for your newborn can be an overwhelming and frustrating task. There are so many products on the market that clam to be the “must have” for new moms. Of course we all know the basics like crib, car seat, stroller, bottles, clothes, diaper bag, diapers, etc. Here is a list of the extra accessories that are on the market that you will not regret.


Use a co-sleeper, a bassinet with an open side that attaches to your bed. This item is a godsend because it permits you to take the baby into your bed to feed her two or three times a night without having to leave the bed yourself. This ensures your babies safety and gives you extra time to sleep, and even a few minutes of extra sleep can add up to a better day.

Ideas: Arm’s Reach Classic Co-Sleeper Bassinet- $140; few complaints on the thin mattress, but this is easily fixed with a $20 extra portable mattress on top./ Supreme Snuggle Nest – Protective Infant Sleeper- $50-$70; this product keeps baby in bed with you but protects the baby from rolling or being rolled on. Some have night light built in so you can see when baby wakes. Take up some room so it’s ideal for larger beds.

Car seat Head & Body Support

As small as a car seat looks you will be amazed how big it is compared to your newborn. Trying to get your newborn into that car seat without their head flopping around is so hard. These “inserts” are made to go right into the car seat and conform to your newborn. Making for a more comfortable baby and a slightly less nervous mommy.

Ideas: Velboa Snuzzler Head & Body Support- $20; can also be used in stroller but will keep baby warm not good without air-conditioning in the heat./ JJ Cole Infant Body Support- $25; cute and snuggles baby into car seat.

Boppy Pillow/Nursing Pillow

You will not regret this item when breastfeeding your newborn. What seems like a natural bond between mother and child is actually quite awkward. This product gives support under your baby so your arm doesn’t tire so quickly. In addition it helps hold baby if your baby decides he wants to breastfeed in the football position!

Ideas: My Brest Friend Feeding and Nursing Pillow- $35; great that it comes with holders but original Boppy Pillow -$30 can be used for other uses like support sitting baby.

Slingrider or Baby Carrier

Once you have a baby you will be wishing for another set of hands. These products are a good compromise. You’ll have your baby close to you but be able to use your hands more freely. My only suggestion would be to try them on before choosing one. Some carry your baby low or don’t have as much head support. Remember this is your second pair of hands so being picky is okay.

Ideas: Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier- $40; not perfect for newborns without head control/ Moby Wrap Baby Carrier- $40 comes with clear directions, so many color designs, can be worn in numerous ways to your liking

Soothing sounds toy

For the first few weeks you’ll have very little need for baby toys. The only one I suggest from the start would be a soothing sounds crib toy. It could be a water sound, heart beat sounds, a toy that hangs on the crib or a stuffed animal that does the trick. Soothing sounds in the background can help a baby sleep better thought the night.

Ideas: Dreams-In-Sight Projection Mobile– $40; has a very handy remote so if it turns off you can start it without upsetting baby/ The First Years Crib CD Player- $40; I love this product because it allows me to choose what is playing.

Bath Sling

Bathing your baby will be a great bonding experience but also very scary at first. There are so many baby bath tubs out there it is hard to decide. From experience, I have bought quite a few, the best is a simple bath sling. This product is the perfect size for baby and enables you to hold your baby at the same time without the tub being in the way.

Ideas: Safety 1st folding bath cradle- $10; most baby bath come with the baby sling included

Travel Powder Formula dispenser

Powder Formula Dispenser makes on-the-go feeding easier. Depending on the model it can hold up to 4 pre-measured 9-oz feeds, and features an inner plastic divider that keeps the formula separate and ready to mix. When baby gets hungry just open the bottle with water already in it, pour in the formula, shake and serve.

Ideas: Especially for Baby formula dispenser- $4; this is available in Babies r us but similar products can be found at most stores with baby supplies.


What more can I say about this product. I always keep 2 in the house. You will be amazed at how fast you can lose or misplace one. The last thing you want when your baby is burning with a fever is searching for a lost thermometer.

Ideas: Safety 1st Complete Family Thermometer- $40; great for the whole family with 3 different attachments but any digital thermometer will really do, most ranging from $10 – $20.

Pacifier clip or holder

The pacifier clip is specially designed to secure the pacifier to the baby’s garments preventing it from falling onto the floor if spit out. The pacifier holder is made to attach to bags, stroller or belt loops so babies pacifier is always with you and stays clean. Colors and styles may vary.

Ideas: Many to choose from- $3-$9; any product works well, just remember to detach pacifier clip from baby if sleeping out of your view to prevent injury.

Year supply of batteries

I know this seems like a weird thing to out on a baby list but imagine you grab the camera to get a shot of your baby’s first smile and the batteries are dead and you can’t find new ones! Imagine all the first times that could be missed because you didn’t think of having the extra batteries nearby.

Disposable diaper trash bags

I never jumped onto the whole Diaper genie band wagon. I knew from experience that you don’t actually change your baby in the same place every time. If I’m downstairs in the living room I’m not walking upstairs to throw it in the garbage pail. I also don’t want my downstairs, or car, or friends’ house smelling like dirty diapers. So this product works so well and the people around you will thank you.

Ideas: Any product can do the trick. I usually find it at any local dollar store in the baby area. I get a box of 100 scented disposable diaper bags for $1. You can’t beat that price and trust me you go through then very quickly.

Nursing Cover

While I do believe nursing is a beautiful experience I also think it can be intrusive in public. I, like many others, prefer for my 5 year old son not to see this. Many stores now have family rooms for this but sometime your baby wants to eat now and this product can provide the privacy needed. Breastfeeding is a time for mommy and baby to bond not for the rest of the onlookers.


Peanut Shell Nursing Cover- $30; so cute with different fabric choices. There are many products on the market that will do the trick. Just make sure you get a fabric that is light and airy. You don’t want to over?heat your baby and yourself.