Should I Explain How to do a Reiki Treatment

When you are going to get a Reiki treatment, there are certain things that will be occuring.

Usually a treatment is thirty minutes or up to an hour in length. This will vary by the practitioner and what attunements (attunements open the different chakras to allow the energies to flow) they will be using along with the treatment.

Prior to selecting the practitioner that you’ll be going to, you should check the certifications they have that are related, including their healing methods as well as levels they have attained.

Once at the session you will generally be asked a series of questions regarding your health in general as well as you specific concerns, be as specific as you can as the more information your practitioner has, the better than can heal.

You will then be asked to lie down on a massage table or chair and the practioner will make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed. Reiki works best when your muscles are relaxed, not stiff or tight.

Note: You will always remain fully clothed during the session.

Most practioner will then begin moving their hands to certain areas of your body. As first they need to sweep energy across your body in order to find blocks in your aura.

The more experienced practioners tend to be more attuned to the blockages within and are able to instantly place their hands on your body where the energy blocks are.

The placement of their hands should only be a light touch.

During the session your practitioners hands may be in one area for the entire session or in a variety of different places.

Depending on the severity of the blockages and how long it takes for the universal energies to transfer through the chakras. For the entire time of the session you should feel very relaxed, in fact some people even fall asleep.

The practitioner you go to may use tools to help you relax and to assist with the change in energies. Some practitioners utilize aromatherapy, gemstones and having soft, melodic music playing in the background.

At the completion of your treatment you should feel relaxed and with a sense of your revived energy. Each visit, especially if it is ongoing, should open your chakras and relieve the energy blockages allowing for the healing process.

As with the beginning of the session, the practitioner will also question you at the end of the session and you should openly talk with them about how you feel.

The healer willl want to know if the Reiki session was successful and to change their methods of treatment if you plan to have additional treatments.