Use of Calcarea Carbonica as a Homeopathic Remedy

This remedy is one of the most important children’s remedies and is often used as a constitutional remedy for children.

Calcarea carbonica is also useful for women who are very hard working and are often apt to taking on too many responsibilities therefore becoming overwhelmed. This remedy helps women who are lacking stamina and may be timid, not enjoying being in the limelight. They tend toward forgetfulness and can be quite obstinate.

Calcarea carbonica tends to work well for women that are fair skinned, blue eyed and may lean toward obesity. This remedy does however benefit other people as well.

Children that might require Calcarea carbonica will often be slow to learn, this does not mean that they are not intelligent but may lead to them being scored down academically as they appear to take a long time to complete tasks. Although slower to learn they may be very methodical and precise, needing to be exact in each task they carry out. If interrupted they can become very upset and can in fact be strong characters!

However these children may have a tendency to be loners as they like to take their own sweet time over things which might irritate other children who get fed up waiting for them and go on to other things. This also may lead to the child who is steady and plodding to become depressed because they have few or no friends to play with. Such children may become clingy and not want to go to school.

The mental and emotional state therefore that leads to the prescribing of Calcarea carbonica are:

The child is slow but methodical and clever, obstinate, self-willed, fearful or mischievous, sensitive to criticism, do not like being watched or observed.

Babies that might be late in walking and talking. They may sweat a lot on their head when asleep. Teething may result in normally happy babies becoming difficult and irritable. The child might have diarrhea when teething.

These children sometimes may crave odd things to eat such as chalk, coal and even pencils.

Other ailments that can be treated with Calcarea carbonica are:

  • Colds – frequent with ongoing catarrh.
  • Cough – tickly cough worse after eating or at night.
  • Headaches – during the menstrual cycle or after exertion, or headaches that might include nausea and light intolerance.
  • Heartburn – with loud belching, craving indigestible things.
  • Palpitations- at night or after eating.

There are many other conditions that can be treated with this remedy but it is always advisable to see a qualified homeopath for chronic and difficult illnesses.