Woman in what age easily breast cancer?

30 year old of – 39 year old

when 30 years old, the breast question many are the benignity (cannot cancer). But the young women will have the breast textile fiber cystic will change generally, take the breast ache, the cyst and the non-cancer tumour as the characteristic. Arizona health sciences center university clinical medicine assistant professor Leon · Dr. Tangni said that “the breast ache possibly is cycle of operations, it may follow the menstrual period to occur, may also be the long-enduring ache”.

Many females often felt that the breast spot has the aching feeling, sometimes light sometimes heavy, intermittent, lets the human ponder over airtight, had many people to carry on the back the something weighing on one’s mind for this reason, was afraid itself to suffer from “breast cancer” ……How to reduce the breast ache? Oregon health sciences university assistant professor concurrently Oregon cancer association breast health education project person in charge Dr. Elizabeth · Stan suggested that the female “is far away from the caffeine”. If is hard to endure in the ache, may excise the breast thready lump through the surgery.

Worries the mastoptosis?

Childbirth period, nursing may prevent the breast cancer. The expert thought that nursing cannot cause the breast organization atrophy. On the contrary, the nursing period breast’s inflation may stretch breast’s skin. But when the breast contracts, the flaccid skin can cause the breast to look like compared to before sags.

In fact, the US Orthopedic surgery Academic society a research which carries on 2007 demonstrated that causes the mastoptosis reason also to have: The being pregnant period use’s bra covers the cup to be oversized, many are pregnant the number of times, smoking and the age grows.

Other reason is in breast’s textile fiber ties a belt, is also called the breast to hang ligament’s stretch to create the mastoptosis. Because the breast does not have the muscle, therefore the mastoptosis is unable to prevent, but some doctors suggested woman when jogging puts on the mode of motion bra to prevent ligament’s stretch.

Cuts the breast cancer disease incidence rate

Breast cancer by no means common disease. The American Country Cancer Research institute pointed out: 30 years old to 39 year old of breast cancer disease incidence rate has 1/229. Only if has the family medical history, 30 years old to 39 year-old woman does not need the breast X picture. In fact, the young woman’s breast cancer is very difficult with the breast X picture to examine. This age section’s woman should report the long-term breast change or the ache to doctor. The young woman’s breast ache is benign, but the breast cancer will also occur on the young woman body.

The regular manual examination must, least by be familiar with own breast menstrual, reported to doctor.

If in the menopause, the examination most ideal time is after the menstrual period starts 5 to 10 days, at this time hormone effectiveness is lowest, the test result is most accurate.

40-49 years old

40th period, the majority woman’s udder shapes can change. Dr. Tangni said that “along with the age growth, change speed quick somewhat, but after the menopause, the breast can change is more plentiful, the glandiform textile fiber can reduce, will thus cause more sagging”.

In this age stage, the cyst is the most common breast tumour, these flowing sac is benign, but also meets the ache, may do its platoon or the surgery detachment.

The non-typical nature drive pipe proliferation will also occur in this age stage, in these laticiferous vessel not the normal cell may increase the breast cancer disease incidence rate.

The data demonstrated that this time breast cancer disease incidence rate will increase. Is in 40 years old to 49 year-old woman, the breast cancer disease incidence rate is 1/68. The American Country Cancer Research institute suggested woman when 40 years old according to the first breast X picture, illuminates one time every two years. If has the breast cancer or the carcinoma of uterus family medical history person may in doctor under the suggestion, in 40 years old before shines the breast X picture.

When the feminine breast has the following symptom, please tell doctor:

  • And neighbor have the tumour in the breast or the armpit,
  • And neighbor have thick or the hard organization in the breast either the armpit;
  • The nipple overflows the fluid or the tenderness;
  • The nipple reduces or turns with in;
  • The breast itches or the skin color change, like changes red, falls off, turns or the fold;
  • Udder size or shape change;
  • Brings the wheel rim bra, the use tiperspirant, or will have the flesh wound not to increase the breast cancer disease incidence rate.